Armada Funds Management, Investment Philosophy
Our Investment Philosophy

Armada’s investment philosophy is simple. It is to seek out undervalued but strongly performing and well tenanted investment quality property assets, from Australian institutions and corporates (who have a reputation for looking after their assets from a capital expenditure and management perspective), in markets with strong upside potential. Armada believes that buying at the right price is fundamental to successful investment performance. Further, the investment needs to be able to provide a strong cash yield with the added potential of a good capital growth prospects on the initial outlay, providing market conditions are appropriate during the term of the investment.

Armada looks for certain criteria when it sources investment property. This criteria includes:
• Prime locations for its asset type
• Quality tenancy profile and tenure
• Preferably modern assets with minimal capital expenditure requirements
• Dominant asset in its catchment (if retail) with minimal prospect of material new competition
• Established and growing trading patterns and tenants
• Long dated lease expiries amongst the majors, supplemented by a good spread of national specialty tenants
• Prospects for population growth in the catchment
• Leases that provide for regular and preferably fixed rental increases
• Markets and assets with low vacancy rates
• Ability to add value by expanding or re-positioning the asset

Intensive Management Focus and Risk Assessment

Before making any property acquisition Armada carefully analyses the risks associated with the investment and seeks to minimize those risks during the term of the investment. The establishment of clearly defined exit strategies and the ability to sell or realise assets at the appropriate time in the investment cycle is a key goal of Armada to enable it to optimise equity performance and reduce risk.

Once the asset is acquired Armada is focused on providing a-hands on management approach of the investment and utilize specialist skills in the relevant asset sector. Armada targets the best outcome for its investors in all aspects of the investment and asset management. 


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